Build a Data-Driven Approach To Caring for Seniors: Prepared Health at HLTH

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Managing aging populations will have greater financial consequences for hospitals. Stop by for a demo and see how the Prepared Health platform will help you gain visibility into the home, build a preferred provider network, reduce readmissions and avoidable ED visits, and streamline the referral process. 

Changing industry rules and regulations require a more proactive, data-driven approach to care for our rapidly aging population.

In the latest change, a new CMS rule promotes the seamless exchange of patient information between health care settings, and ensures that a patient’s health care information will follow them after discharge from a hospital or PAC provider. Stop by at HLTH 2019 to see how the Prepared Health platform can help you unlock the data you need to make the right care decisions at the right time:

  • Continue to monitor patients as they move across the care continuum.
  • Get real-time patient updates on a secure, easy-to-use HIPAA-compliant platform.
  • Gain critical visibility into the home to address social determinant challenges.
  • Activate DINA, our digital nursing assistant, to analyze patient data and suggests evidence-based interventions and escalations.
  • Empower home health aides with mobile technology to capture and deliver clinical insights and assessments from the home.
  • Improve collaboration and communication with providers, patients and families.

Prepared Health is an easy-to-use social media-like platform that requires little to no training. Find our team at the Matter Showcase Pavilion, Booth 743, Exhibit Hall Level 1 or request a demo today.

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Prepared Health

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The Prepared Health mobile care coordination platform creates a virtual experience for the entire healthcare team so they can communicate with each other--and help patients and families stay connected--even though they may not physically be under the same roof. The platform helps professional and family caregivers capture rich and timely data from the home, and includes DINA, an AI technology that acts as a virtual care coordinator by identifying unmet needs and recommending clinical assessments. Today, Prepared Health is connected to 750 sites across the U.S. with demonstrated outcomes that dramatically decrease avoidable readmission rates, reduce unnecessary ER visits, and boost caregiver productivity. Based in Chicago, the award-winning platform has been recognized for its easy-to-use, innovative user experience. For more information, visit